august 17-august 19, 2018

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the great brain freeze get together


Saturday, August 18, 2018

"Ladies and grentelmen, children of all ages, introducing one of the greatest ice cream eating contests Newton has ever seen. See, or be, one of THREE finalists to attempt the impossible; to eat their weight in ice cream!"

Well maybe not their weight, but as much as possible for a chance to win $200! How do you get your name in the bin for a chance to be drawn as a contestant? It's simple, take a picture of you with your favorite Gurty's ice cream treat (make sure their menu is in the background) and tag it on our facebook page. August 8th, we will draw three names, give each of you a festival button and you will be on stage in front of millions (hundreds) to attempt the impossible...  eating the most frozen bowls of yumminess in one minute. AND freeze your brain!

Those that are witnessing The Great Brain Freeze can cool down with a FREE frozen treat in the heat of August after the competition. What more can you ask for in life? It's ice cream in August!

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