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sand creek summer daze cardboard Regatta


Saturday, August 18, 2018

Can you build a seaworthy vessel in 90 minutes with cardboard, two pool noodles, a roll of duct tape and a knife? …we want to find out! Bring a team, your family, or even your workmates and work in unison to create the cardboard boat of your dreams. Who cares if it sinks or not, there's a award for that! Enjoy the possibility and excitement of being the fastest carboard boat on Sand Creek!


Entry Fee

A $25 entry fee must be paid online or at B&B Lumber by the day prior to the event.





Fastest Time!

Best Design!

Best Team Concept!

Most Spectacular Sinking!


9:00 AM – Registration Begins at Park Gazebo

10:00 AM – Building Begins

11:30 AM – Parade to Boat Ramp

12:00 PM – Preliminary Judging and Regatta Begins




•  Build a boat in 90 minutes or less with cardboard, utility knife, duct tape and pool noodles. Team awards will be given for Best Design, Best Team Concept, Most Spectacular Sinking and Fastest Time.

•  Rules & Regulations

1.   You can only use the tools and supplies provided

– Cardboard

– Roll of duct tape

– Two pool noodles

– Box cutter (used by adult ONLY)

2.   Teams may start building at the start of the horn & end at the final long horn sound. The burst of three horn blasts designates 15 minutes remaining.

3.   You may bring & use spray paint or decorative accessories if they don’t add buoyancy or help with the overall flotation of the boat.

– Check with event representative in gazebo before using

– Unauthorized material will result in immediate disqualification.

4.   Time limit of one hour and thirty minutes.

5.   There will be NO team size limit, but only one team member will be allowed to captain (ride in) the boat.

6.   Captain must be 18 or older.

7.   Captain MUST wear an approved flotation device


9.   Rider must be in an upright position (seated or kneeling) to pilot the boat.

10. Oars, sails or other steering/propelling devices must be made from initial materials given.

11. If the captain has half his body under water or is floating by his vest, they are considered sunk.


Entering Water

1.   The captain will enter the water on the south end of the boat ramp with help of teammates.

2.   Once the teammates let go of the captain the timer will begin.

3.   The clock will stop once the craft hits the north cement ramp portion of the boat loading area.

4.   An official will signal the start and stop of the clock.


Tips to Having a FUN the Regatta

•  Develop a great 80’s theme from a movie, a real life event, a song, a cartoon, etc.

•  Dress the part! Not only the boat, but yourselves. You have a chance to win Best Float Design, Best Theme & Craziest Crew!

 • Have fun during the parade. Sing, dance, or act your theme out. La La Land style

•  Decorate your boat with flare!

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