august 17-august 19, 2018

Going for the Gold Fish


Saturday, August 18, 2018
3:00 PM


One fish, two fish, gold fish, winning fish!

Join the Newton Now team and experience a race of carpe diem (see what we did there) proportions! Come meet these grand champion racing Carassius auratus auratus (gold fish) and choose your favorite one to be a winner! This will be your chance to win Blues, Brews & BBQ concert tickets, subscriptions and other prizes from your favorite Newton Now and Harvey County Edge papers.

The event is designed to be fun, exciting and easy. Simply choose your favorite name, most talented swimmer or funniest back story and enter your ONE vote in his or her goldfish bowl before the start of the first race. There will only be THREE races. A name is picked from that bowl and prizes will be given for whichever the fastest swimmer is in each of the races!

Winner, winner goldfish dinner…WAIT… No goldfish will ever be harmed in this event, as they will wear seatbelts and head protection. The goldfish will be released and/or given away after the races to enjoy freedom in the wild or your favorite gold fish bowl.






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