august 17-august 19, 2018

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the hard redz summer brew-off


Sunday, August 19, 2018
9:00 AM             Set up time

9:30 AM             Private BJCP Judging

10:00 AM           Q&A Session w/ Professional Brewers

12:30 – 2:00       VIP Admission Only

4:00 pm             Awards Ceremony




The Hard Redz Summer Brew-off is a great way to celebrate the Craft Brewing and Wheat Heritage in Kansas. The Hard Redz Summer Brew-off connects craft brewing to Newton’s economic roots in wheat-growing. The Kansas Wheat Commission has partnered with the Sand Creek Summer Daze Festival to create an event that explores these two industries.


Brewing often uses a type of wheat called soft, white, spring wheat - it is planted in the spring. But Kansas is known for its hard, red, winter wheat. It is planted in the fall but gets its name from lying dormant through the winter. It has more tannins in the kernel and delivers a more robust, earthy, complex flavor profile. Mennonite immigrants like Bernhard Warkentin, of Newton, presented this to America in the heart of Kansas and made this region the breadbasket of the world! Click for more information on “The Wheat State!





Who is coming: Here is a list of the brewers who have already entered. Remember we are limited to the first 20 to pay their deposit.


     1)   10 Grand Brewers - Newton                            8)  Encyclopedia Brewing - Overland Park

     2)   Cole D Sack Brewing - Newton                           9) Old Mill Brewery -

     3)   Nickel Brewing - Hutchinson                            10)  Huber Brewing Endeavors - Newton

     4)   Zimmerdale Brewing - Newton                        11)  Farichild Brewing - Great bend

     5)   The Grain Elevator - Wichita                           12)  Lab Ninja Brewing - Augusta

     6)   Nickel For Commissioner - Newton                 13) New Perspective Brewing - Wichita

     7)    J&M Brewing - McPherson





Requirement #1 - Hard Red Wheat Labeling: Entries shall be marked as Hard Red (brewed using at least 20% Hard Red Wheat) or Non Hard Red Other (if brewed in kit form or less than 20% Hard Red Wheat) All are varieties of beers are welcome, but the focus (and special award category) is on our Kansas heritage as the Wheat State. Depending on the amount of beers turned in for judging that are not Hard Red, other sub categories may be utilized. We hope to see a field of red wheat and other beers.


Requirement #2 – Number of Entries: Each brewer may enter up to TWO of their best home brews.


Requirement #3 - Host a Sampling Tent: Brewers will bring a minimum of 2 total gallons to dispense in 2oz samples (which are provided by the festival). Brew may be dispensed from kegs, bottles, et cetera and should represent at least two different brews. Bringing more than two options may please the VIP judges and increase voter appeal! (combined, all brews needn’t exceed 2 gallons). Brewers are welcome to include samples that were not submitted for BJCP judging. Sampling will immediately stop at 2pm when public general admission begins. No general admission entries will be let into the enclosed homebrewing section.


Entry: $7/per entry (2 maximum), with registration through


Deadline: The deadline for paying and registering your beer on is Monday, 08/06/18 at midnight and beer turned into Greg at B&B Lumber (1601 W 1st St Newton, KS 67114) by Saturday, August 11th at 3:pm We highly encourage early entries. We have refrigerated storage till time of judging.


Booth Deposit: (MANDATORY) A $25 booth deposit is required to secure your tent space. This will be fully refunded upon participation or credited towards a VIP ticket for the remainder of the event. ($25 savings & souvenir cup for all you can drink beer) Cancellations for any reason forfeit the deposit. Please bring cash or check for this amount when dropping off your bottles OR payment can be made online.

Participants also get to keep their souvenir labeled beer growler that each booth uses for public voting!


Booth Workers:  The $25 dollar deposit covers ONE Hard Redz Brew-off participant. All others must pay the VIP price or the general admission fee at the gate when entering in the moring. Remember all people in this event MUST be 21 or older.


Number of Contestants: 20 (first 20 to enter beginning May 1)


VIP Judging: The VIP Ticket holders will vote on “Best Garage Crafter” between 12:30-2:00 pm. Votes will be may be based on beer taste, brewer friendliness, booth spirit, best labeling or art or whatever they like. Remember, these judges have no specific criteria. (no music will be allowed in the Hard Redz Brew-off area)


BJCP Private Judging: This is a BJCP sanctioned competition, with private judging prior to the public event.



Prizes: (no cash prizes are allowed by law in this event)


  • Best Hard Red: BJCP Hard Red winner earns the honor of being brewed and served at Aero Plains Brewery.
    • Prize: Trophy/Plaque
    • Beer recipe to be brewed by Aero Plains Brewing
  • Best Brewer: This Non-Hard Red winner will be chosen by BJCP judges.
    • Prize: Trophy/Plaque(s)
  • Best Garage Crafter: Based on public invitation judge vote
    • Prize: Trophy/Plaque
  • Best Tent Display: Based on committee vote and decision of which brewer’s tent and set up is the most interactive, most fun, thematic, friendly, decorated, et cetera. This vote is entirely subjective. (no music will be allowed in the Hard Redz Brew-off area)
    • Prize: Trophy/Plaque


What to Bring:

  1. Tent: Bring a standard 10’x10’ booth tent, or something equivalent. (no electricity provided, and no generators allowed)
  2. Tables & Chairs: Bring a table to serve your samples on and chairs for you to be comfortable.
  3. Booth Decorations: Bring your logo, banner or whatever you want to make your booth fun, attractive and festive.


THANK YOU: We would like to say thank you for your participation and for sharing your brew with us. State law prohibits compensation, so please accept our profuse gratitude.





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