august 17-august 19, 2018

   Hello wanna-be fellow Irishmen. 'Tis almost dat time again ter don yisser Irish orange fur de annual St. Gregory's Day Parade & Irish Celebration! 


   St Gregory's Day tis back & bigger than ever and we are turning this celebratory day public! This year we are flooding the streets in orange and moving the parade to Athletic Park to host Newton's ONLY St Gregory's (Patrick's) Day celebration and parade.  


"Two years ago when Newton was green,  

there was more kinds of craziness than you've ever seen,
The Irish would run around free while St Gregory's Day was born,
And they came together with a parade with an orange Unicorn."

   How did this crazy tradition begin you ask? Many years ago (2017), a new tradition was started in a small Newton Irish speakeasy. These working class lads & lasses simply could not function after partying on a week night. So one eve after contemplating this quandary in deep meditative state (we sall it napping) over pint of Gueness, Bishop Bruce Behymer proclaimed the closest Saturday, after, on, or before St Patrick's Day to be St Gregory's Day! Soon this "bats in the bloody belphry, Irish heritage holiday" was decided to be celebrated in orange (the last colour of the Irish flag). However, green may be worn by those who are a wee bit slow and are problably too durnk to remember that orange is the actual color of St. Gregory's Day. 


   So far in this year's parade we have bagpipes, a leprechaun, ATV's, lawnmowers pulling decorated trailers, wheel chairs, bicycles, wheelbarrows and a freakin' unicorn!! Don't be the one who misses out being in this year's parade. You've heard stories about last year's so reserve your spot soon! Message me or post on here what you're going to be celebrating with. Walkers are always welcome and a big part of the celebration!



Festival Activites

     Sheep Toss - Who can toss a (stuffed) sheep the furthest

     Men In Kilts Competition - Who has the sexiest Irish legs in Harvey County

     Irish Accent Contest - You are handed an Irish poem to recite in your best Irish accent

     Potato Sack Races - Men's, women's & kids races

     Wee Caber Tossing Competition - It may not be 19' long, but even a wee 8'er is still tough


Festival Entertainment

     Wichita Caledonian Pipes & Drums

     BCAPA Irish Dancers

     DJ McMichael Smith

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