Foos Your Daddy Tourney

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Foos Your Daddy



Saturday, July 9

9:00 am to Completion

Come out to watch or have fun participating in the most watched event of the festival last year! Anyone can compete in this “not too athletic” event! We have altered the rules to make this more enjoyable and a little less exhausting. Grab your team and enjoy the turf field, netted 8′ walls and plenty of  fun!

Because this event is set up as a fun experience for your average Joe, any higher end soccer athletes, whether that be high school or college experienced, please refrain from participating. Please be fair to those participating for the fun of it. IF, you can find a couple more competitive teams, we will be happy to organize a special tournament bracket for you so no one is left out.

Four or less teams will play three games in a round robin showdown. Five or more teams will have a combination two-group round robin and single elimination tourney. We will be using a team record, then a point against and finally a total point scored format to determine the placing. Medals will be given to the top three and last place teams! 2022 Registration ends Friday, 07/01.


2021 Tourney :

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The Game

Human Foosball is like the classic table top Foosball, however, it is played with real people, a soccer ball and in a large enclosed arena.
Two teams compete against each other to score the most goals in the allotted time.
Each team consists of 6 players in 3 different rows that must face the opposing team’s goal at all times:
1 goalie, 3 mid-fielders and 2 forwards.
Teams are allowed 8 players on a roster (two (2) spare players), who may only substitute at the intermissions or for injury on a dead ball during any game.
Teams must have 3 or more girls and/or 3 or less guys playing on the field at the same time. If that is not possible, a men’s position must remain open on the court.
Each pole (except the goalie) must have a coed line up (i.e. defender pole (3 players) must 1 female & the striker pole must be coed)
6 poles are laid cross the arena with a sleeve over each. The sleeve allows the players in each row to move laterally along the pole, but not forward or backward.
The game is played in three 6-minute running clock periods, with a 3-minute break between each.
Teams change sides after each period. A pre-match coin flip determines choice of side.

Game Play

• Players will be positioned at the appropriate places in the arena.

• Players must keep both hands on their respective handles at all times, and one foot must be touching the ground. Shoulders must be kept above the bar at all times.

• The game starts by the ref rolling the ball into play from the mid-field area. NO PLAYER MAY TOUCH THE BALL UNTIL IT HITS THE TURF. 

• Play continues until a penalty occurs, a goal is scored, or the timer runs out.

• Players can only move laterally from side to side. Mid-Fielders and Forwards must work together to move side to side. Teamwork is key.


• Once a penalty occurs, the ball is rolled back into the field of play between the midfielders.

• If a player commits two penalties in the same period, he/she must sit out two minutes.

• Penalties occur when:

• Any player or goalie takes their hand off of their handles.

• The foosball goes above a pole. This is not a player penalty unless they do this on purpose and deemed a delay of game penalty, judged by the discretion of the referee.

• A player controls the ball for more than 5 seconds or any other delay of game incident. (as determined by the ref)

• A player has both feet off the ground.

• A player hangs on the bar &/or shoulders dip below the bar.

• A player stretches forward or backwards to interfere with the ball in the possession of an opponent in front or behind.

Restarting the Game

• The game is restarted by the ball being rolled back into the field of play between the midfielders when:

– A goal is scored

– The ball goes out of bounds

– A penalty has occurred

How the Game Ends

• The game is over when the time expires in the last period.

• The game officially ends when the ref signs off on the final score.

• Ties after the three-period playtime will be determine by a shootout:

– Each team will choose 1 player to shoot on the opposing goal keeper from anywhere on the forward position. Players must rotate M/F or F/Male.

– Coin flip determines which team shoots first. Initial match caller calls again.

– Shooter must only contact the ball one time for the kick.

– If game is still tied after each team shoots, teams must choose another player to shoot.

– Shooters cannot shoot again until all 6 players on the team have attempted a shot (including goal keepers), after which the same order is repeated.

– Winner is determined after any round in which one team scores and the opposing team does not.

Tournament and Other Matters

• Teams are responsible to ensure they are at the field and ready to compete at the scheduled beginning of the game. The organizers reserve the right to disqualify any team who is not ready to play. This rule is imposed to not to delay the programming for the event.

• Proper roster and legal paperwork must be filled out 30 minutes prior to first match or turned in the week of tournament.

• Absolutely no hanging off of the poles, one foot must be on the ground at all times, and shoulders not allowed below the bar.

• Protective cups, soccer shin pads and face protection may also be worn by players.

• Proper footwear is mandatory. Footwear must cover the entire foot and hard covered (steel toes) footwear will not be allowed.

• A random draw will determine the order in which the games are scheduled and the order of team seeding.

• The organizers reserve the right to alter the championship order if necessary.

• The organizers reserve the right to add or delete rules prior to the start of the championship. Please check this website prior to starting play.

• The organizers reserve the right to prohibit any player or team from participating if they are deemed to cause safety concerns.

• The organizers reserve the right to reject any entry.

• All matters not dealt with in these rules should be referred to the organizers, whose decision on such matters shall be binding.