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The Mythical Medallion Hunt

Beware of the fog…

Why is Sand Creek Charlie searching this waterway at night;

lore has it that he is hunting for an object just out of his sight.

He has sadly lost something  close to his heart;

a mythical item from past, and unknown for the most part.

This item was hidden by those with a devious plan;

the item’s value untold, represents the soul of this man.

So if you are brave enough to help join this search;

hunt near the water, in the parks and scour the earth.

Be careful where you look, for is rests on public land;

the search is not dangerous, nor is there slight of hand.

And if you find his treasure, his mythical piece;

you’ll be $500 richer and put his soul at ease.


The Sand Creek Charlie Mythical Medallion Hunt, sponsored by Pro Fencing, begins on Friday, June 30, 2023; when a hand-crafted medallion will be hidden on public property somewhere in Newton. Clues will be released on the Sand Creek Summer Daze Festival Facebook site at 9:00 a.m. every morning until the medallion is found. The medallion will be located on public property within the Sand Creek basin and surrounding areas. It will be located in an easily accessible spot. LOCATING THE MEDALLION DOES NOT REQUIRE THE DESTRUCTION OF PUBLIC PROPERTY. Please review and follow The Mythical Medallion Hunt, sponsored by Pro Fencing, rules below for complete guidelines:

Once Sand Creek Charlie’s Mythical Medallion is found, it must be turned into festival personnel. An email with your name, and phone number must be sent to GREG@SANDCREEKSUMMERDAZE.COM

Sand Creek Festival, Inc or Pro Fencing will not answer questions regarding the Medallion search. Medallion hunters can access the clues on the Sand Creek Summer Daze Facebook page. If the Medallion is not found by midnight, the Saturday of the festival, the search is declared over. The resting spot and clues will be explained soon after the festival on the festival site.

Once the medallion is found and verified, the Festival’s website and participating local media will notify the public regarding the location and time of the formal press conference and award presentation.

  • The medallion is NOT hidden on private property or on Newton City /County Airport property.
  • The medallion is located on public property like city parks which may be near to Sand Creek, but not exclusive to Sand Creek.
  • If you are looking in City parks for the Festival Medallion, you must observe park curfews — check local laws for park curfew times.
  • The medallion is easily accessed.
  • You do NOT need a ladder and do NOT need to climb.
  • You will be able to remove the medallion easily from its location.
  • You do NOT need to dig into the ground or DESTROY property.
  • The medallion CANNOT be located with a metal detector.
  • The medallion is NOT hidden on or in a building.
  • You must be 18 years or older to present the medallion and claim the prize, BUT NOT to help look for it!
  • Proper photo identification (valid Driver’s License, Passport, State ID, Military ID) is required to claim the prize.
  • All participants acknowledge, as a condition of entry, that Sand Creek Festivals, Inc, its sponsors, and the media have the right to publicize, or broadcast the winner’s name, photo, or personal interview.
  • All prizes are non-transferable. No cash substitution of prizes allowed.
  • Winner understands and agrees that they are responsible for any and all taxes incurred on prizes received.
  • Upon confirmation of the find and eligibility, the winner will be announced and awarded the prize.
  • Upon finding the medallion, immediately follow directions to claim the prize.
  • No purchase is necessary to search for the Pro Fencing Sand Creek Charlie Mythical Medallion and/or win.
  • Employees and their families of Sand Creek Festival, Inc & Pro Fencing are not eligible to win.
  • Participant assumes all risk and releases the Sand Creek Festival, Inc & Pro Fencing from liability for any injuries or damages to themselves.
  • The Sand Creek Charlie Mythical Medallion Hunt, sponsored by Pro Fencing, prize package will be awarded to the first-eligible person to find the medallion. The prize package ensures that the lucky sleuth has a great time at this year’s Sand Creek Summers Daze Festival.
    • It includes:
      • $500
      • Two festival admission buttons
      • The 2023 Sand Creek Mythical Medallion itself

Good Luck!

Past Mythical Medallion Finders Club

2023 Mythical Medallion Finders: The Hill Family

2022 Mythical Medallion Finders: Team F.O.E. (the Sartain’s, Krogmeier’s, Terbovich’s & Wilcynski’s)

2021 Mythical Medallion Finder: Jenny Bristol

2020 Festival Cancelled For Public Health

2019 Mythical Medallion Finders; Clayton and Ashly Padget

2018 Mythical Medallion Finders; Tim & Heidi Collins