The Saucy & Glazed BBQ Competition

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BBQ Saucy & Glazed

kcbs sanctioned bbq competition

2024 KCBS Sanctions Competitions

One Meat Rib Competition

Masters Series Competition

Backyard Competition


Friday, July 12

One Meat Rib Competition

Public Tasting Contest – 5:00 to 7:00 pm

Public Tasting Awards Ceremony – 7:15


Saturday, July 13

Masters Series Competition

Backyard Competition

Awards:  3:00 pm

2024 Teams:




Competitors Info

It is easy to compete in this KCBS sanctioned competition with over $5500 in prize money to be won, whether you are an amateur or a professional.


Registration Fees

One Meat:

*  $50 Peoples Choice & Electricity

* $100     No Peoples Choice

Back Yard:

*  $100 Peoples Choice & Electricity

* $150     No Peoples Choice

Master Series:

* $200    Peoples Choice & Electricity

* $250     No Peoples Choice


Additional Options Fees:

* $150   Private Restroom (by 07/01)

* Registration fee includes up to four (4) festival buttons. The competition will be held outside the festival gates in 2024 with direct access to the east festival gate.


Competition Notes:


  • One Meat Competition:  Ribs

  • Masters Series Meats:  Brisket, Pork Shoulder, Pork Ribs & Chicken

  • Backyard Competition:  Chicken & Ribs

* Competition will be limited to 35 teams.

* Electricity will be provided for all entries. Bring your own extension cords.

* Please complete your online registration in full and when you request cooking spots,  please be fair with the size of your rig and serving tents. We could be limited on space and ask each team to choose reasonably. We will have 16′ for small teams, 24′ for medium rigs/teams and 32′ for large rigs. All spots have 15′-20′ for depth. If space is available after final deadline, we will make sure teams are comfortable with the amount of space each team receives. Saucy & Glazed BBQ Competition staff will park each contestant as they see fit.


People’s Choice:

* The Peoples Choice Competition on Friday night is optional, but encouraged, for all teams.  Format for peoples choice:

  • Scoring will be in two sections

    • Anonymous professional chef/restaurant judge will weigh in at 70% of total score

    • Peoples Token votes will weigh in at 30% of score

  • Each “public taster” must have on yellow wrist band

  • Each “public taster” must give ONE ticket for each participating booth sample

  • Participating booths will give out ONE sample for each ticket presented to ensure samples are given to more voting tasters

  • Teams are asked to prepare 200 sample servings in 2oz sizes (cups will be provided). The meat can be pre-cooked then warmed up for convenience.

  • The prize money will be $500 for the grand prize and $250 for the runner-up!


Prize Money: $TBA


Grand Champion — $TBA

Reserve Grand Champion — $TBA

Third Place – $TBA

Fourth Place – $TBA

Fifth Place – $TBA

Sixth Place – $TBA

Seventh Place – $TBA

Eighth Place – $TBA

Ninth Place – $TBA

Tenth Place – $TBA

Meat Categories

Category 1st place — $TBA x4

Category 2nd place — $TBA x4

Category 3rd place — $TBA x4

Category 4th place — $TBA x4

Category 5th place — $TBA x4

People’s Choice Competition

People’s Choice Winner — $500

People’s Choice Runner-up — $250

Competitor’s Schedule

Thursday, July 11:

Teams may enter parking lot and set up their rigs from 4:00-8:00 pm. (no security will be provided Thursday evening)


Friday, July 12:

8:00 am – 4:00 – Move in time (access to the park will be closed & ALL VEHICLES must be out of competition area by at 3:45pm)

4:30 – Team captains check in meeting

5:30 – Public judging begins (teams ready to serve)

7:00  – People’s Choice event ends

7:15 – People’s Choice Awards announced


Saturday, July 9:

Noon – Meat turn-ins begin

3:00 – Award Presentation

3:30 – Tear down and move out


KCBS Website:   Click Here

KCBS Rules:   Click Here


Payment & Entry Form


For more information, contact Jeffrey Graber at




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